Rangiora Parish

Dance & Sing

For more details please contact: Judy Evans     027 737 8289

Our sessions run from 10 am each Wednesday morning during school term times and cost $4.00  per  family.

The music part of the morning runs for 30 minutes and provides an opportunity for the children to sing, dance, use instruments and other props.  All our songs and rhymes are aimed at learning through play.  By taking part in a session the children are exposed to letters, numbers, rhyming words and opposites such as fast – slow, loud – soft, high – low, front – back and left – right.  The program is designed to enhance the children's development by encouraging them to use both sides of their brain, fine and gross motor skills, introducing spacial awareness and to allow both structured movement and time to dance freely as they wish.  It has been noticed that children who have been regular attendees at a mainly music settle faster into a school environment. 

We follow the music time with a provided morning tea for both adults and children and once the children have finished eating they are allowed to play in either the inside hall or secure outside area with the large variety of indoor and outdoor toys.  It is during this time that the children are able to develop social skills such as sharing and taking turns.  Whilst the children are playing, the adults have a chance to enjoy a cuppa and cake and the chance to chat to others.  From this chat time friendships can form which provide play dates for the children and a source of help and support when needed.

We encourage the parents and carers to take an active part in the sessions to make it a truly community based group.  The concept of mainly music is to provide not just a programme to encourage and enhance children's participation in and enjoyment of music, but to also provide an opportunity for carers to spend some quality time with their children.